For those who:
  • seek answers independently
    problem solving, future planning, discovering yourself
  • help others
    psychologists, coaches, mentors, managers
  • do creativity
    fantasies, ideas, texts, concepts, breaking out the boundaries
10 years of practicing strategy sessions and brainstorming based on functional analysis led to the development of an online game.

The game helps to find out-of-the-box solutions, explore ideas, and form a vision of the future.
Directions of the basic game package:
For each direction, brief abstracts and recommendations are collected to help clarify the request, a set of cards is formed,
and a database of training materials is collected.
  • 1
    you have an inspiring goal, you need to think about how to achieve it
  • 2
    you want to solve a problem, clarify a difficult situation
  • 3
    you need to invent something that doesn't exist yet, go beyond, turn on the "dreamer
  • 4
    you need to write a short text - anything but fiction
  • 5
    self-reflection, self-finding are relevant at any stage of the journey
  • 6
    when you don't want to tie your request to certain directions
The app is in development.
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How does it work?
The game has principles that make it a truly effective tool for analysis, strategic planning, and creativity.
  • Systemic approach
    game structure is a functional analysis of the request, looking at it from all sides and identifying key aspects
  • Associative Thinking
    cards with clues, the number of which is generating by the artificial intelligence, is a step beyond the usual framework, a look at the request from an unexpected side
  • Random Choice

    the random sampling of cards and sequences of moves is a factor of uncertainty and the possibility of obtaining a non-trivial result
  • Compiling the results
    models for assembling the course of the game - it is an opportunity to go back to the context with a new vision and action plan to achieve the result
The outcome of the game is a decision, making a plan, or setting priorities in a new perspective shaped by the game.
  • The game is accompanied by video, audio and text step-by-step instructions.
  • There is an opportunity to ask questions, the answers are published on a special app page.
  • The player can download a file with the progress and results of the game.
  • In a personal account, all games are stored, structured by direction and theme requests, which allows you to make an analysis of the development of a particular topic.
Card categories
The cards are set up "by default" for each direction. You can change the settings to your preferences by selecting individual categories or by assembling MIX from cards of different categories and directions.
Study materials
The package includes a database of training materials and master classes for different categories of users and in different areas.
Lessons in developing associative thinking
flexibility of thinking and a creative approach to any task
Master class on conducting
video game templates for each direction - a guarantee of results, even for beginners
Algorithms of work with the request for any direction
short abstracts and recommendations will help clarify the request and get the desired result
Lessons on developing assembly skills
assembling information in the context of what is happening is a key skill in the face of uncertainty
A brief course on mentoring
models and techniques for effective mentoring using the game
Algorithm of working through the theme through a series of games
assembly models to build a line of development of the theme from game to game
Specialized packages:
In addition to the areas of the basic package, specialized packages are under production, which are created in cooperation with partners. Access to them will be purchased for a supplemental fee.
Work is already underway on the directions:
Ludmila Burlacenco
Game author
Psychologist, coach, sociologist, CEO of large-scale social and educational projects.
The game is based on developments in cognitive psychology and sociology, describing the main meta-functions and stages of development of any living system. Since 2013, Zeraina game has been successfully used in different spheres:
  • individual and team coaching, consulting, mentoring;
  • project acceleration and support;
  • development of creative ideas;
  • strategic sessions, foresight studies
      Milana Alsabekova
      Program director
      Mentor, trainer and coordinator of educational programs, project manager, coach.
      Participates in and manages projects whose design and development are based on functional analysis and the Zeraina game:
      • "Open English" innovative educational project
      • "Open You Way" mentoring project
      • "Open EDU" online platform
        Aiya Shaikhina
        Coach, career counselor
        Through understanding the 12 types of information metabolism, we learned how to create scenarios for our own lives based on Ludmila's game "Zeraina"! It's a very cool game! I still play it to this day! It gives so many answers to my own questions! Thanks to this game, I've got my life priorities lined up and a lot of things have already come true since August! Although in August I had an absolute mess in my head.
        Ludmila is such a generous coach that she also taught us several techniques of assembling our own life scenario, which are really applicable and very useful in everyday life!
        Thank you Luda for this tremendous and deep intellectual work! I would highly recommend taking this course and playing the game "Zeraina" to those people who want to find direction in their life and manage it further with trust and ease.
        Aida Aushakhmetova
        "Open Your Way" project tutor
        It's amazing that this system can be used to solve any problem! Like I said, you didn't have to study for 3 years to understand the logic of the systems, 😂 when there is such a gorgeous Zeraina strategy game! In my query, I wanted to figure out my fears and I wrote out 12 fears. And so amazingly, the one came out to be the fear of being "really me". And the one is the sun, around which the other planets in my case, the other 11 fears revolve. 😂 I then sketched it all out after the game and decided to finally deal with the center that dictates the others and answer the question of "who am I" honestly for myself. 😂
        I've been asking this question for so long, but constantly reflected on this topic and was distracted by other questions: "is it possible to know who you truly are? Where is the line between subjective and real? After all, everything is an illusion and there is no truth anyway 😂 maybe I am deluded in my truth, which is not there anyway..."
        But having realized that the main fear is found and everything is built around it, I painted who she is - the real Aida, with all the flaws and pluses, as she is, without excessive tinsel, without criticism and without value judgment. There is only acceptance and courage.
        By the way, the metaphorical cards were so creepy and it just so happened that I saw my fears in all of them 😂😂😂 these bright Fruits as fears, one bigger than the other and all of them on each other, nestled quietly in the dark corners of the unconscious or conscious. And all of them are standing on a thin rope and one slightest noise and the whole structure will fall apart and I'm finished 😂 The metaphorical cards added one more fear to my 12 fears: fear of change and transformation.
        Thank you for helping and filling people's lives with an amazing system with your workshops! Also, all the guests, and you, of course - the STARS! The jokes, energy, charisma - everything shines through the screen, I can't even imagine what euphoria everyone would be in if it were live. I can imagine you all on stage playing this game.
        It's such a rewarding concert. You are filled with emotions and pleasant impressions, but at the same time you solve the problem systematically, and even the strategy is built and it is clear where to move, what exactly needs to be done, and, most importantly, after such a charged with optimism company wants to start right now!
        Keep up the good work! Very interesting format (as usual😉).
        Eva Pavlova
        Singer, poet, pianist, songwriter
        I would like to share the excitement of getting to know the unique author's system of Ludmila Burlacenco. This information is invaluable and, in my opinion, necessary for every person. The system helps to get to know yourself first of all, and makes life and the movement along your path as easy as possible. It also makes any interaction and communication with other people easy and straightforward. And a separate pleasure is to be in Ludmila's field. In a word - a real joy!
        Madina Baildinova
        Entrepreneur, English teacher
        The strategy game "Zeraina" is a very effective tool that helps to solve problems and develop my personal skills. I am grateful to fate that I know Ludmila personally, a great professional in her field, who wants to help people. Ludmila skillfully helped me to see my uniqueness and potential. I got a better understanding of myself, and most importantly, I understood how to further develop based on my personal worldview, in harmony with myself and others.
        Adiya Kakim
        "Open English" project coordinator
        The best course I've ever taken🤩 I've never had so much knowledge in the field of psychology. Every time I looked forward to a new lesson😂 Zeraina game is suitable for absolutely everyone: entrepreneurs, teachers, students, students, etc. It is a universal tool, mastering which will help you get to know yourself better, your strengths and weaknesses, LIFT your self-esteem, learn what you should do in life and how to build relationships with people.
        Sergey Sovetkin
        Director of "Kvadra" advertising agency
        I became acquainted with Zeraina functional analysis system several years ago; it helped me form a picture of the relationships between people in the team and understand how best to form teams.
        Zhanna Tulegenova
        Coach, business consultant, trabshuter
        The system works great for raising the level of ambition and developing an implementation scenario, supported by working through resources (friends, elixir, meanings) and risks (quick wins, illusions of success, antagonists along the way, and even personal crises). So...my scenarios are ready. And the crises are routinely embedded in it, have become not something I want to avoid, but a place for creativity. Future failures and setbacks are taken on the pencil!
        George Vassilenko
        Psychologist, astrologer, poet, writer
        An effective strategic life modeling tool based on assembling a formula for a person's unique purpose. You can prioritize and highlight the most relevant on different planning horizons. That is, to see those tasks, the solution of which will give the maximum realization, which maximally correspond to the mission of the person. In general, the game allows to see the ontogenesis of the personality in the plane of the realization of its mission. The ability to comprehend the mission, to project it onto the most elementary events of life, and to see it in them is developed. And through this to see how a person should pass through challenges, which model of behavior most corresponds to the human mission, and thus allows to live through challenges most effectively and optimally with respect to energy expenditures.
        Anna Vassilenko
        Coach, designer, event organizer
        In the process, I realized that every being, as well as every form on this Earth, is a reflection of the entire universe, and encapsulates the entire universe. Each of us can be anything, it all depends on the framework by which we define ourselves. Of course a frame is necessary, but one of the main discoveries of this course was that I can control this frame, because I am the whole universe I can take any form and this happens through the definition of the frame in which I declare myself and to which I bind myself at any given moment of life. Changing this framework, defining myself, through something new I gain new experiences and opportunities to collaborate with new people and undertake new projects and the possibilities of this tool seemed limitless to me.
        I came to the game at a time when my life was going through a certain important, basic crisis for me. The game helped me to live through that crisis on a more conscious level, more mature, more manageable, and more easily.
        I learned to identify my assemblage point, through which I was able to look differently at the crisis in my life and in general at the way I formulate my goals. Special thanks for the atmosphere where it was safe and comfortable to open up and immerse myself in meanings.
        I am so used to being in this atmosphere that I have a need for such meetings.
        Nadezhda Biryukova
        Artist, designer, architect
        The system underlying Zeraina game is a completely unique tool for learning about yourself and your particular perception of this world, as well as the way you act in this world.
        It is clear that not everything is predictable in this world, especially in our time.
        But at any time the ability to think, to feel, to realize your own way, to lift yourself a little bit above the circumstances and see the bigger picture, the ability to gather disparate facts, to reassemble your own world again and again - all these are very useful skills, which you can lift on the course. All in all, brains on, I advise everyone to master the game.
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