Development and advancement of innovations in education, strategic planning,
and community self-organization management
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Strategic sessions
Project development is modeled using techniques from cognitive sociology, coaching, systems formations, and the foresight approach.
Development of educational courses together with experts in various fields, management of the community of students and supporters, creation of the school.
Large-scale projects
Development and implementation of large-scale social projects based on innovative approaches in education and self-organization management.
Active projects
"Hi, ONER"
A big city is a complex tangle of communications in which many different people, communities, institutions, and companies coexist, each solving its own problems and fighting for its place in the sun or air conditioning. Great competition causes an increase in tension and anxiety.

In this situation, the atomization of processes and communities is noticeable, so that many opportunities are hidden behind the wall.
Our project offers to switch to a radically different register of interaction and start to play. Forget your status, insignificance, place in society, and look at each other as friends in the sandbox, where there is no goal to make the biggest mud pie, but simply to have fun. (Sometimes truly colossal mud pies emerge to the delight of those around them during such a game.)

Finding ourselves in a kind of theatrical (QUASITE theatrical) playground, where play is more important than profit, we can discover new opportunities unseen before and make new partners (crossed out) friends.
Information about projects implemented jointly with partners, with useful links.
About us
  • Suzanne Alsabekova
    Project manager
    Director of social educational projects,
    CEO of the OPEN EDU project - an online platform that promotes innovative approaches in education and personal development.
    Works on the creation of the Space for youth, creating conditions for self-determination, disclosure of potential and dynamic growth with the support of like-minded people and high-level experts.

    Founder & Director of Youth Heartland Public Fund, and Open Co.
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