"Hi, ӨNER"
A big city is a complex tangle of communications in which many different people, communities, institutions, and companies coexist, each solving its own problems and fighting for its place in the sun or air conditioning. Great competition causes an increase in tension and anxiety.

In this situation, the atomization of processes and communities is noticeable, so that many opportunities are hidden behind the wall.
Our project offers to switch to a radically different register of interaction and start to play. Forget your status, insignificance, place in society, and look at each other as friends in the sandbox, where there is no goal to make the biggest mud pie, but simply to have fun. (Sometimes truly colossal mud pies emerge to the delight of those around them during such a game.)

Finding ourselves in a kind of theatrical (QUASITE theatrical) playground, where play is more important than profit, we can discover new opportunities unseen before and make new partners (crossed out) friends.
  • Who are we?
    A community of people who want to live in a safe, open world and enjoy life. Among us there are artists, psychologists, businessmen, urbanists, sociologists, and a long list follows. The main thing that unites these people is the desire to create and play. We are a community where everyone does what they want and doesn't do what they don't want.
  • What do we want?
    To make the quasi-theater festival, as an unevaluated territory of communication and creativity, not just an event, but a way of life. We want to create a community that develops the city and itself without relying on competitive competition, that exists beyond violent and manipulative techniques.
  • How are we going to do that?
    We will meet, fantasize, play and create, forgetting that it may not be successful, and rejoice in both positive and negative discoveries. At the same time, we still have a high level of expertise in our fields and are willing to share our experience and resource.
  • Who are we inviting with us?
    Anyone who shares our principles, whether he lies or not.
  • We believe
    All people are good, and this kind of path will solve a lot of the problems that bother us without dealing with them directly.
The festival becomes an answer to the needs, dreams and aspirations of citizens, a tool for solving problems of educational, social, creative and business organizations, a school of current competencies, forming a community of professionals for the creative development of the urban environment and the disclosure of the identity of the city.
Festival is
  • New technologies

    The festival - a game trusting creative territory for the discovery and implementation of new technologies at the intersection of different directions and areas, combining the creative industries with the objectives of business and society.
  • Art Event

    The creation of interdisciplinary projects through the techniques of contemporary art and theater leads to mutual problem-solving for all participants in the festival - citizens, institutions, and communities.
  • Community

    The work on the Festival is a territory of playful interaction and co-creativity rooted in various spheres: culture, business, and society. The Festival and the process of its creation is a nurturing environment for the formation of a unified neighborhood community that plays, develops the city and communicates productively among themselves.
Festival Principles
All participants of the festival are partners. When working together on projects, partners take into account the goals and objectives of each participant and do not try to subordinate each other solely to their own interests.
At the intersection
Each project presented or created within the framework of the festival is the result of mutual creativity of different spheres and individuals, and as a consequence created at the junction of different spheres of activity, necessarily including the creative.
Projects can be created by both companies and individuals. The process of creating projects in the lab is open and accessible to all. If the proposed project has passed the pitching process and found support in the laboratory community, it will definitely be included in the festival! We create and create, giving everyone the opportunity to realize themselves - zero selection.
The process of creating a project is not less, and maybe even more important part of the festival, it is in the process of creativity will be created creative community and new partnerships and friendships. Projects within the framework of the festival are created in order to live and after its completion. Successful experiences as well as new technologies discovered during the festival remain open and accessible to the public.
Everyone can participate in the Festival!
  • Business
    As part of the festival development and implementation, business representatives can try themselves in the role of a creator (director, actor, artist) or be the initiator of an interdisciplinary project on the basis of their business, or combining both these roles.
    Thus, entrepreneurs and companies can discover new unexpected tools and technologies for positioning their brand and distributing products. Also for the creation and realization of art events, business representatives can provide their facilities, which will attract the attention of the public and give a lot of new reasons for communication with the audience, additionally solving actual problems of their own development and creating a positive social impact.
  • Communities
    Representatives of civil and social sphere, being initiators or participants of art event projects of the festival, pay attention to their social projects and initiatives, find the necessary resources, expand the partner base, master new technologies.
    The realization of event projects in cooperation with representatives of other spheres forms stable intersectoral relations and a systematic approach to solving socially significant problems.
  • Education
    Through participation in the festival, representatives of the education sector can attract the attention of the audience to their institutions and projects, as well as provide students and pupils with an area for the realization of their own learning projects within the educational process. In this way, students will get real practical work experience, as well as can expand their portfolio and make new connections for further practical activity within their specialization. By participating in social and creative projects they strengthen their status and expand the field of communication in the media space.
  • Art
    Representatives of the creative sphere (artists, directors, composers, musicians and others), especially independent artists, through participation in the festival projects discover new formats of creative self-actualization, solve essential issues of promotion, financing, and finding a venue. Creation of interdisciplinary projects in cooperation and close collaboration with representatives of social, educational and business spheres opens access to specific and urgent challenges of our time, allows to contribute to the development of urban communities, movements and institutions.

Choose your festival participation format!


The Festival Lab invites representatives of the creative community, business, social and educational structures, activists, as well as all those who want to develop their city, find new connections in a friendly and competitive environment. With the support of curators, using the networks of Festival partners, the Lab participants create a series of interdisciplinary art event projects that will be presented during the final event of the Festival and will continue their work after its completion.
    The lab is:
    • A constantly expanding partner network operating on the principles of mutual respect and cooperation.
    • Research and discovery of the city's demands, its problem and pain pockets, correlated with its own vector of development.
    • A creative hub working to solve personal, community and business problems in the territory of creativity.
    • Play and creation, feast and festival.
    Roles of the Lab participants:
    You can become a participant in pitching and share your project idea. As a result of discussing the idea, you will be able to recruit a team, which will include curators, who will solve management and promotion issues, and creators, who will create the creative component of the project.
    You can get involved in the implementation of an idea that inspires you and gain experience in organizing teamwork, producing art events, making useful acquaintances and new friends.
    If you represent the sphere of art and culture, you can get involved in the creation of the art component of the project and discover new forms of creative self-actualization.
    How is the Lab's work organized?
    • Pitching
      You need to define your role - you are the initiator or the executor. Then initiators will be able to share their project ideas and find partners, co-authors and executors.
    • Arts Incubator
      After the pitching, the mutual elaboration of projects with the support of curators, partners and residents of the festival takes place through the organization of special activities.
    • A series of art event projects at the intersection of different spheres and directions, created in the course of the Lab, will be realized in various places of the city.
    • It is anticipated that by the end of each month, 1 to 5 projects will have been worked on and implemented, with the possibility of projects with a longer time horizon and development time.
    • The Lab's projects will take part in the big festival event and will continue their work outside the festival, maintaining partnerships and developments.
    Participation in the Lab is free of charge!
    Meetings are held once a week, on Wednesdays, from 19:00 to 22:00.
    Venue: Uni Hub Satbayev University, Satpayev str. 22.

    To participate in the Lab, you need to fill out a google form and we will contact you.
    Participants of the Course together with supervisors go from the idea to the realization of the Event Project. They gain experience in using game technologies, communication skills, art therapy and design thinking methods. In the process, they research, study the latest trends and find new ideas through the application of appropriate mechanics and interactive design.
    The training includes going through all stages of project realization: development, production and post-production, and potential scaling.
    The course results in the development of interdisciplinary projects that integrate art, business, social and educational spheres.
    The selection of participants to the ART IVENTA SCHOOL will take place after attending an introductory class and personal interviews.
    The number of places is limited.
    The participants' projects will be included in the program of the big autumn event of the "Hi, Өner" Quasi-Theatre Festival.
    So, the Festival is a process that develops into a growing festival movement. We are forming a team of Festival producers and creators who will be involved in the process from its very beginnings and will be ready to accompany and develop this movement on a professional level. In fact, a new identity and profession is being formed - specialists in the organization of urban quasi-theatre festival as a permanent process.
      We are building a creative enterprising team for the Festival Mentor School, which will take place over 3 months and culminate in a major festival event on October 15, 2023.

      A team of producers and creators of the second stage of the Festival will be formed from the graduates of the School.
      • Participation in the School is free and casting will take place throughout July.
      • To participate in the casting, please register (link below) and be sure to come to one of the Lab meetings (the nearest one will be held on July 12), where you will be able to get acquainted in practice with the work of one of the Festival formats and ask any questions.
      • Selection to the School will then be done through individual interviews.
      We invite to join the School:
      Artists and cultural figures
      Art and culture workers who want to discover new formats of creative realization and at the same time master the principles of organizing art events within the festival movement, in the future to be involved in the support of this movement on a professional basis.
      Producers, managers
      Producers, managers who want to gain experience in organizing art events within the framework of the festival, to master the principles that will allow them to exclude profanation and exploitation of art, and in the future to get involved in the support of the festival movement on a professional basis.
      School participants choose their specialization - mentor-producer or mentor-creator, while undergoing the general program, mastering both directions and building effective interaction between them. The duration of training is 3 months.
      The training program includes theoretical material, much of the practical work and internships within the current Festival:
      • set-up and theoretical meetings in online format 2 times a month, the number of meetings can be increased if necessary;
      • participation in the Lab with studying the video instructions for each meeting and debriefing after the meeting (once a week);

      • participation in the Art Event School with video instruction for each session and debriefing after the session (2 times a week);

      • participating in the preparation and execution of the big festival event to be held on October 15 (4 to 8 meetings from October 1 to 15).


      The quasi-theater festival "Hi, Өner" is a constantly evolving process, forming into a cluster, which is centered on the creation by artists and cultural workers of a creative space open to all comers, at the intersection of different directions and spheres.
      Festival Challenges:
      • on the art side
        The risk of profanation of art when it enters "alien" territory - it is important not to slip into the syndrome of following orders, when the level and format are dictated by those who pay money and attract resources.
        Involvement of non-professionals in the process of co-creation also threatens profanation and requires from the artists involved in the creation of art event projects the ability to provide a framework in which the participants' self-activity as a result of common assembly will be at a sufficiently high level of this or that format of contemporary art.
        On the other hand, there is a risk of neglecting the goals and objectives of the project initiators in favor of the creative component.
      • on the management side
        The main challenge is that the Festival is launched as a startup without initial funding, relying solely on the experience and social capital of its organizers. The Festival is seen as a technology for managing the self-organization of the population - it is a process born from below from the initiative of citizens, which should develop into a sustainable cluster that attracts and creates the necessary resources for its sustainable development. Formation of an effective business model is an important task of the first stage of the Festival.
      • on the part of a rapidly changing world
        The world is changing with acceleration, the new is fast becoming old, social technologies first of all require constant development and adaptation. Sustainable systemic development of projects under uncertainty is the main challenge of today, and the Festival is becoming a laboratory for developing and testing such technologies.
      In the limit, we see the Festival as a movement involving more and more participants who share common goals and principles and get involved in the development of new formats and technologies, expanding the space of experimentation and creativity.

      In order for the festival movement "Hi, Өner" to start forming as early as possible, we make the launch and development of the Festival in Almaty as open as possible and invite to dialog and cooperation all those who are ready to participate in the development of the movement itself, discovery and shaping of those technologies that will ensure the sustainability of this process.
      To accomplish this, we are taking the following steps:
      • Digital Festival
        Creation of the Festival digital space on the online platform and in social networks, where the Festival participants and their cases will be presented, an online broadcast of the Lab work will be organized, an online version of the Festival Art Event School will be created.
      • Mentors school
        Recruitment to the School of Festival mentors, who together with the organizers will go through a three-month journey from the launch of the Lab and the School to the first major festival event. The graduates will form a team of producers and creators of the second stage of the Festival. Participation in the School is free of charge, casting will take place in July.
      • Expert Club
        Создание Экспертного клуба Фестиваля, в рамках которого мы будем обсуждать Фестиваль как технологию управления самоорганизацией горожан, развития города в целом, раскрытия его идентичности. Встречи будут проходить онлайн, видео встреч – выкладываться в открытый доступ.
      ABOUT US
      • Ludmila Burlacenco
        Psychologist, sociologist, screenwriter.
        Main research areas: project acceleration, foresight, youth policy, management of self-organization processes in society. Author of developments in the field of cognitive psychology.
        Projects at the intersection:
        • Founder of educational projects «Open English» и «Open Your Way»
        • Head of EXPO-2017 volunteer movement
        • Head of the Social Projects Accelerator of the Kazakhstan Institute for Social Development
        Founder of Zeraina Public Fund, and Open Co.
      • Igor Makarov
        Director, creative producer, curator, educator
        More than 30 directorial works in theater and art event, including performances "Shochimiki", "Caviar of Cod" (Stanislavsky Electric Theater), home theater festival " Tarusa Stories", city parade "Pushkin Games" (Platonov Festival, Voronezh).
        Projects at the intersection:
        • Curator of the Festival of Home Theater "Tarusa Stories", Tarusa, Russia
        • Curator and head of the educational department of directing Creative Workshops of the Russian Schoolchildren Movement
        • Head of the eco-art project "Garbage monsters"
        • The poetry community "Frill Between Egoists"
        • Play-laboratory "Tarusa Stories" - The Tarusa Stories Home Theater Festival in Tarusa
        • Festival Lab - "Unreal Tula" promenade
      • Milana Alsabekova
        Project manager
        Director of social educational projects,
        CEO of the OPEN EDU project - an online platform that promotes innovative approaches in education and personal development.
        Works on the creation of the Space for youth, creating conditions for self-determination, disclosure of potential and dynamic growth with the support of like-minded people and high-level experts.

        Founder & Director of Zeraina Public Fund, and Open Co.
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